Main touristic sites

Nordic Domain Plateau du Roy
In Laubert, south edge of Margeride vast granite plateau, between 4000 and 4800 feet, it provides huge play field including forests and Charpal Lake’s banks. Ideal area to practise nordic ski and snow racket. Vast and wild landscapes, still preserved, will satisfy all your peace and escape expectations.

La Toison d’or
In Meyrilles, Saint Jean la Fouillouse, in a 6 hectares park, shadowy and scattered with granite megaliths, the Toison d’Or discovery farm invites you for a walk in the wonderful world of wool.

Châteauneuf de Randon and the Great Connétable Bertrand Duguesclin
In this historical city hung at 4200 feet over a granite peak, the patrol path walk and Du Guesclin museum visit will make you dive back into the XIVth century, during Hundred Years’ War, when Bertrand Du Guesclin was sent by King Charles V to fight against English invaders and died at the Habitarelle, at the foot of Châteauneuf, just before city release.

Charpal Lake
At 4300 feet, in a preserved set of forests and bogs, the lake provides an awesome 5.5 miles path around its banks, that you can walk or cycle. It provides plenty of historical and environmental informations. Paradise for no-kill fishers. Drinkable water supply, swimming is forbidden except for otters who enjoy is water quality.

Du Guesclin Museum
The museum commemorates the chronicles of the Great Connétable, Bertrand Du Guesclin, who died in 1380 at the Habitarelle, at the foot of Châteauneuf. Well documented, writings, former objects and fortress model will make you travel back in time. It’s a must to understand Châteauneuf history during Hundred Years’ War. Free entry, July and August.

Chapeauroux Valley :
All around the year, this Allier’s tributary takes its source at Randon’s Signal, weaves through fields, meadows and forests. Category 1 River.